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Welcome to the VyKG Records Wiki!

VyKG Records is a Record Label Made by Rybakc Music on the 3rd of December 2020

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Here at VyKG Records, we are a online record label that releases all type of music to all platforms including Spotify, Apple Music and other major platforms

Here are our VyKG Artists:

YT - DJ Mollz - Rybakc Music - Stillhet - 24kjordan - Lith1um X - 34kjoshua - Recklessendangerment - Codename - 44kjonathan - CL0WN_FAC3D_KILLER - Jack The Hack - Phixnix - Poivré - Cinnimin - Prowler - NiX - Yung Dano - Blockbuster - All Is About Music - Tj - ICEE Productions - Brainfreeze Music - Blue Laze - The Goat Kidd - Yvng JLXB - CaliberKat Music - P4N P4NDA - 1320 TJ

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